Speaking Engagements

During the pandemic, Drs. David and Jill Scharff are accepting bookings for remote speaking engagements only. Please contact us for information and availability.

David’s Events

The invited lectures and workshops Dr. Scharff usually conducts around the world are all suspended in this time of COVID 19. Over the last few years, has made presentations in Italy, China, Russia, Panama, Spain, England, Argentina and throughout the United States. Below are some activities, now online.

Presentations in China

Co-Chair, Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy National Conference

Beijing and throughout China, online for three weekends in March, 2021

Chair, Beijing Continuous Course in Couple and Family Therapy. 

This course continues with recorded presentations on couple and family therapy which are distributed nationally, until such time that in-person trips to Beijing can be resumed. Course has been give twice yearly since 2010, and will resume when that is possible.

Presentations in Russia:
Directing and teaching in Program for International Psychotherapy School, Moscow.

Couple and Family Psychoanalytic Therapy: Most Fridays 9:00-12:20 am Eastern time from September, 2020—July, 2021

Periodic teaching in course in Individual Psychotherapy for International Psychotherapy School, Wednesdays in 2021.

Online Presentations
Presentation: Pichon Rivière’s Theory of the Link: Potentiating Object Relations Theory. At Institut fur Paartherapie, Frankfurt online. Register here.

Co- Chair and Co-Organizer, Master Speaker Course in Psychoanalysis, International Psychotherapy Institute

Theme: Shame and Guilt

March 5 with Kirkland Vaughans (Long Island)

April 16 with Guillermo Bigliani (Sao Paolo, Brazil)

May 14 with Alessandra Lemma (London)

Time: Fridays, 9:00-11:00 am USA Eastern time. Series will continue monthly in fall 2021-spring 2022.

Co-Chair and Co-Organizer, Annual Seminars in Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy, International Psychotherapy Institute

Dr. Scharff chairs twice monthly online seminars on Wednesday mornings from 9:45-11:45 am USA Eastern time, from September to May each year.

American Psychoanalytic Association 

Dr. Scharff Co-Chairs Discussion Groups in Family and Couple Psychoanalysis and in Distance Psychoanalysis at the annual meetings. He is Co-Chair of the Association’s COVID-19 Advisory Committee, which organizes video and print discussions relevant to the practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in this time of the COVID pandemic.

International Psychoanalytic Association

As Chair of the IPA’s Committee on Couple and Family Psychoanalysis, Dr. Scharff organized an international meeting in San Francisco, February, 2020.

For the Vancouver meeting of the IPA, now to be held online, Dr. Scharff has organized and will present in a panel on infantile elements in the development and treatment of families and couples. He has also organized a pre-conference event on Couple and Family Psychoanalysis that will examine the provision of family and couple therapy during COVID.

Future presentations are planned for other countries once again conditions allow. Previous conferences organized by Dr. Scharff and the committee have been held in Mexico, Italy, Spain, England, Argentina and Washington, DC.

Jill’s Events

February 2021

02/20 L’Enfant by Tony Gallo: Cosmos Theatre, cast as Martha Washington, directed by Mark Young.

02/21 Psychoanalysis for Child Psychiatrists, Shenzhen, online lecture.

02/21 Narrative of a Child in Analysis illustrating the pre-oedipal and oedipal stage, with Ana Maria Barroso, International Psychotherapy Institute online minicourse.

02/28 Psychoanalysis for Child Psychiatrists, Shenzhen, online lecture.

02/28 The Candidates’ Bill of Rights.  Distance Education Study Group, American Psychoanalytic Association Winter Meeting online.

March 2021

03/10 Projective and Introjective Identification.  International Psychotherapy School, Moscow.

03/26 The Chinese Family. International Psychotherapy Association COFAP/IPI China Child Conference, in Chinese with translation. Email to register

April 2021

04/04 Marking Affect. International Psychotherapy School, Moscow.

04/21 Resistance and Impasse.  International Psychotherapy School, Moscow.

04/30 Planned and Unplanned Terminations. International Psychotherapy Institute’s Combined Child Analytic and Child Psychotherapy Training Program.

May 2021

05/1 Presentation: When Two Becomes Three. At Institut fur Paartherapie, Frankfurt. Online. Register here.

05/27 (8:00 -11;15 am EST. In China, 7:00 pm – 10:15 pm). End of First Year Plenary. Jiandanxinli/IPI overseas program in Child Psychotherapy in Chinese with translation.
2-year course, recruiting in 2022.

June 2021

06/06 International Psychotherapy Institute’s Combined Child Analytic and Child Psychotherapy Training Program online begins. Enroll now.

July 2021

07/08 Welcome plenary. First day of Second Year of Jiandanxinli/IPI overseas program in Child Psychotherapy, recruiting in 2022.

07/15-16 & 07/19 Rapid adjustment in clinical practice, research, primitive anxieties online, future directions. Jill Scharff with Ricardo Carlino, Liliana Manguel (Argentina), Robert Gordon, Michelle Kwintner, Andi Pilecki, David Scharff, Caroline Sehon, Lea Setton, Janine Wanlass (USA), Hanni Mann-Shalvi (Israel), Samuele Filomena (Netherlands and Italy), Andrea Marzi, Mino Zanchi (Italy). At the International Psychoanalytical Association Pre- and Post-Congress online workshop. Register here.

07/21-24 Strengths and Challenges of Teaching Primitive Material in Online Education. Jill Scharff with Anabella Brostella (Panama RP), Jeanne Magagna (UK), Kerry Novick, Janine Wanlass (USA) International Psychoanalytical Association online Congress. Online Small Discussion Group, Hours TBA. Register here.

07/21-24 Learning from the Transition to Child Treatment on Zoom. Jill Scharff with Louise Gyler (Australia), Elizabeth Palacios (Spain), Caroline Sehon (USA), and Lea Setton (Panama). At the International Psychoanalytical Association Congress. Register here.