Our Work and What the Award Means to Us: 2021 Sigourney Award Winners

The Sigourney Award is a highly valued recognition of exceptional work that advances psychoanalysis around the world for the betterment of humankind. Colleagues wanted to nominate us for the prestigious Sigourney Award some years ago, but we thought we still had work to do. By 2021, we felt ready, but were daunted to discover that the application was now by self-nomination. It was uncomfortable at first to put ourselves forward, but, as we answered the questions, we realized the extent of what we had done and still have to offer.

Whether selected or not, we benefitted from undertaking a 10-year review of our contributions and collaboration with valued colleagues who continue the vision of the International Psychotherapy Institute (IPI) that we founded in 1994. As our work is so closely aligned with the mission set out by Mary Sigourney, we were honored to be among the 2021 recipients after all. From the innovative and controversial edge of our field, where we had always perched, this award brought us and our application of psychoanalysis securely into the psychoanalytic middle. It gives us both a valued honor and a welcome feeling of belonging.

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