Global Training

Scharff Global Applied Psychoanalysis Training (S-GAP)

Certificate Training Programs designed, taught, staffed on request.

Continuous Couple and Family Therapy Training Program for Zhi-Dao-Zhong-He Beijing and online

Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy Training, International Psychotherapy School, Moscow and online

Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training, International Psychotherapy School, Moscow (online)

Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Technique based on 60-session live demo course online for Shanghai Xiaoxin Education XinliPro

 Clinical Case Consultation Seminar Series online for Shanghai Xiaoxin Education XinliPro

Certificate Programs for the International Psychotherapy Institute
Couple and Family Training, Year-Long Annual Seminar: David Scharff, co-chair
Master Speaker Monthly Series: David Scharff, Co-Chair
Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Two-Year Program for Chinese Psychotherapists online at, Jill Scharff,  Chair

Occasional Workshops, Presentations on request

Association of Psychoanalytic Couple Therapists, South Africa August 6, 2022 (online)
Jill Scharff on The Teletherapy Setting with Couples during COVID

IPA Asian Region International Congress, January 4-7, 2023 Dehli, India
David and Jill Scharff presentation on The Modern Chinese Family

Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, January 13, 2023
David Scharff on Fairbairn and Pichon Riviere’s Contributions to Psychoanalysis

Adelaide Institute for Psychoanalysis February 3, 2023
Jill Scharff on The Teleanalytic Setting

American Psychoanalytic Association February 2023
Analytic Couple and Family Therapy Discussion Group, David Scharff, Co-Chair
Distance Psychoanalysis and Education Discussion Group, David Scharff, Co-Chair, Jill Scharff, Contributor

IPTAR, New York online February 25, 2023
Jill Scharff on Teleanalysis and Teletraining

The Freud Museum, May, 2023 (onsite and online)
Jill and David Scharff on Empty Heart Disease: China and the West

Irish Association of Psychodynamic Psychotherapists May 26, 2023 (online)
Jill Scharff on The Teleanalytic Environment.

International Psychoanalytic Association Congress, Cartagena, Columbia, July, 2023 (onsite)
Jill Scharff, Chair, Precongress July 25 and Panel July 29 on Distance Psychoanalysis & Education.
David Scharff, presenter.

Israeli Family Therapy Association Annual Meeting, September 4-5 (onsite)
David Scharff: Pre-congress and Keynote address

Tehran’s 4th Congress of Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, September 1, 2023 (recorded guest video presentation)
David and Jill Scharff, presenters.

International Psychotherapy Institute Conference on Teleanalysis and Telepsychotherapy (online) Oct 13-15, 2023
Jill Scharff, Conference Co-Chair and presenter,
David Scharff, presenter

 International Psychotherapy Institute Child Training Immersion Day online, Thursday November 16, 2023
Jill Scharff, Chair, David Scharff Contributor.

Society of Analytical Psychology.  November 18, 2023 (online)
Jill Scharff on Teaching and learning applied psychoanalysis online in China and Russia